Tay Tawan Vihokratana

Name : Tay Tawan Vihokratana

DoB : July 20, 1991

Blood Type : B

Shirt : M/L

Trousers Size : 30’ – 31’

Shoes size : 42 – 43

Education : Faculty of Economic, Chulalongkorn University

Hobbies : Photography and Traveling

Favorite color : Blue

Favorite sport : Badminton

Favorite food : Thai southern yellow curry

Dislike : Durian

Favorite fruits : Grape, Apple

Favorite Hero : The flash

Favorite desserts : Brownies, blueberry cheese cake

Favorite mangas : Shaman King, Gundam seed Destiny, Fairy Tail

Favorite Animal : King Cheetah, Killer Whale

He likes to watch animal videos on YouTube
Tay has his own traveling program, Traveling fest with Tay Tawan
Tay was a drum major during his university day
Since his University day, Tay was close with Tul Pakorn, Neng Sarun and Pat Chatburirak because all of them were drum majors
Tul Pakorn even addressed Tay’s Mom as his Third Mom
Tay has 2 sisters ( I’m not sure about his 2nd sister, is she older or younger ) and a little brother
Recently He gets a new nickname, Mr. Love
He said that Gun Atthaphan is his Pet, and Gun would say that Tay is his pet.
Tay is one of the hosts on famous music show in Thailand, FIVE LIVE FRESH with Gun Koorawit, New Thitipoom, Off Jumpol and one other guy (i don’t know his name)
Tay and New Thitthipoom are even closer after they became a couple in series, they even go to Pukhet together on Valentine’s day, that’s make other keep teasing them.
Tay and New also has program together called TayNewMealDate
When he was been told to described his friends with one word, he said
– New Thittipoom is hard

– Off Jumpol is soft

– Gun atthapan is Devil

– Oab Nithi is worst
Fans said that Pluem Purim and Frank Thanatsaran are Tay and New Thittipoom’s Sons (some fans said Neng Sarun also their son) and they really play along with it.
Tay can’t dance, and he really hate it.
His grandmother own a private school.

Instagram @tawan_v

Twitter @Tawan_V

Series :
Room Alone The Series (2014)
Ugly Duckling Series : Don’t (2015)
Room Alone 2 The Series (2015)
Kiss The Series (2016)
Lovey Dovey (2016)
U-Prince The Series : The Foxy Pilot (2016)
Secret Seven The Series (2017)
Kiss Me Again (2018)
Rai Sanaeha (2018)
Love Songs Love Series To Be Continued : Rueng Tee Koh (2018)
Our Skyy (2018)
Dark Blue Kiss (2019)
3 Will Be Free (2019)

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