Starr Wu, made a great move to adapt one of the most important of Chinese literature – The Dream of the Red Chamber ( The Story of the Stone) – into a contemporary story . A Gay story.


Talking about The Stone Bar in Ximen, Red House – Taipei’s gay district. Fancy cocktails, expensive wines, and edgy guys are on the menu. It’s a fleeting world for its wild hedonism, a world in which it doesn’t matter what you wear, we’re just interested in how your body looks.


Naked torsos and skin-tight slips aside, the main story is really a love triangle. Still mourning his late boyfriend, introverted florist Lin constantly tried to stay away from Josh’s attention – the latest and most attractive staff of The Stone club. Slowly a new relationship sparks between Lin and Josh. However, the relationship turns complicated in Red House, involving the clothing store owner Sean and his friend Lian. Josh finally starts hanging out with Sean, one of the other cool guy here. Meanwhile, a fire breaks out and almost destroys Red House. Lin’s search for his boyfriend Josh leads him to discover a rumor of an affair. Will Lin pass his sadness and accept the caring of Josh or leave off this sadness by his own way ?


As an honest depiction of gay life in Taipei, its validity is not a problem, but the film may have a deeper understanding of what actually happens behind all the masks of The boys party, too concerned about their own existence to notice many cracks climbing to the surface of their gilded cages.

Production:Macchiato Digital Imaging Co., Ltd.
Director:Starr WU
Scriptwriter:Starr WU , 江彥呈
Producer:Wu CHARLES
Executive Producer: Steven LIU
Actor/Actress: 劉雨凱 , Tasi,Daniel , 陳彥廷 , Aric CHEN , Golden Elephant , 陳睿纁 , 鍾唐綸 , 利晴天 , 榮宗豪 , 張嘉方 , 陳信力 , 謝理任 , 林冠宇 , 紀言愷

Running time:103 min
Language:Chinese , English , Other(臺語 Taiwanese)




1. JR (Sean)  Despite having starred in many idol dramas, Sean is JR’s first gay character on the silver screen and has soon made him the dreamboat of almost every gay man in Taiwan. As if his abs were not impressive enough, there are several full-frontal scenes in The Story of the Stone where JR leaves almost NOTHING to imagination.


2. Dean (Xiao Yu) Before being discovered by a talent scout, Dean was already a social media sensation and a professional gymnast. All his training paid off since his Greek-god physique has landed him many characters since. You will find out how VERY comfortable Dean is in his own skin in The Story of the Stone where he shows off his bun.

3. Aric (Xiao Lin) Launched his career with the Boy Love television series Dark Blue and Moonlight, Aric has established a reputation as the national boyfriend material in Taiwan. In a steamy-hot scene with costar Golden Elephant, Aric had to nibble his nipples. One thing we can be sure of is that it was not their first rodeo and the chemistry was real.

4. Sky Li (Fairy Po Po) With his puppy-eyes and killer-smile, Sky is your perfect boy next door. For many years he has held the title of gay men’s best heartthrob. Prior to The Story of the Stone, Sky played many gay characters, performed French kisses, foursomes and suspended congress with different actors. Nonetheless, Fairy Po Po is arguably his most groundbreaking role to date.

5. Golden Elephant (Josh) Once a navy boy, Golden Elephant is now a man’s man with a scruffy look and just the right amount of body hair. As one of the most promising rising stars in Taiwan, Golden Elephant showed a lot of talent (and skin) in The Story of the Stone. There are many scenes where he laid in bed with different costars but none of them is as explicit as the shower scene with JR (Sean) where they caress and “sword fight” each other.


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