“Tale of the Lost Boys” isn’t just another gay film, just like what director Jay Altajeros said.
It’s a story about how people can have friendship and a solace from someone with a completely difference from culture and way of life.

At one point in the movie, one of the protagonists said to the other: “We were fucked for so long. We don’t know who we truly are.”. This quote perfectly cites the theme of this touching drama from super director Joselito Jay Jay Altarejos.

Director Jay Altarejos has been known for award-winning LGBT movies like UNFRIEND and Kasal, describing the lives of gay men. But in his latest work, director Altajeros focuses on something different from his previous films.

Although his Sinag Maynila 2018 entry, Tale of the Lost Boys, still has a gay protagonist, the film focuses on an accidental friendship between a gay man and a straight man, and how they form new perspectives on their identity and begin to look at the wounds from their own past. The story of the Lost boys is a story of friendship between two men – Alex (Oliver Aquino), a Filipino mechanic and Jerry ( Ta Su / Soda Voyu), a Taiwanese Aboriginal Student.

The two met by chance when Alex fled to Taipei from Manila, knowing his girlfriend was pregnant. A random conversation develops into a surprisingly personal connection between them. Both realized that they yearned for a more intimate relationship with their mother since Alex, Alex’s abandoned him for a new family while Jerry is afraid that his traditional parents will reject him for being gay.

The two men went on a path and ended up at the Jerry tribe. The trip eventually led them to reconnect with their mother and both discovered a certain sense of identity and freedom.


Compared to most of Altajeros’ previous film efforts, Tale of the Lost Boys, is actually tamed and more restrained. It has a strong focus on the friendship between Alex and Jerry, and how each of them helps each other overcome their fears and find themselves. In one of the film’s most memorable moments, the two characters talk about the similarities of their respective states and how their national history reflects their lives.

Both the Philippines and Taiwan have been occupied by various nations in the past. Because of this, both countries seem to have lost their own identities. “We have been fuck so long. We don’t know who we really are” Jerry Jerry concludes. This is also a metaphor describing the two characters. Jerry, who was brought up in a very traditional education and left his tribe to study in the city. His life in the city changed him completely into another person, and now, he is not sure if his family still accepts him.

Country: Philippines, Taiwan
Release Year: 2017
Director: Joselito Altarejos
Writer: Joselito Altarejos
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 81 min
Cast: Oliver Aquino, Soda Voyu, Joe Black Chou, Tiffany Tsai, Abai Bashang, Mona Hayung, Kristel Romero, Lex Bonife



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