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Episode 1: Meeting
Bai LouYin’s mother remarried with his father. GuHai has always doubted his mother’s death was related to his father, so the relationship between the father and son never calmed down. In the new semester, GuHai transferred to a small high school. Heaven and earth made him move into Bai LouYin’s class. The meeting began, unfolding the story.

Episode 2: Misunderstanding
A female friend secretly favored him to give him a toilet paper bag, but he misunderstood that Bai LouYin gave it to him. Gu Hai, because the “event of the essay book” was born with a warm interest in LouYin, apart from his mother, no one had touched him so he began to care about Bai LouYin. When he knew he had to wear wet pants surreptitiously, he had diarrhea surreptitiously. Bai LouYin then mistakenly thought that it was from other classmate. Later, GuHai admitted to tearing up the essay himself, he was also the gift giver, making Bai LouYin angry to beat brutally.

Episode 3: Conflict
Time and time again being teased by GuHai, Bai LouYin started fighting. The two evil-minded people began to fight their minds, displaying unexpected tricks. One more thing bothered Bai LouYin, that was his previous girlfriend. This person, who has been settling abroad for a long time, now comes to harass him by calling his father repeatedly. Bai LouYin angrily cracked his father’s sim, to cut off contact with her.

Episode 4: Life of Bai LouYin
At school, the enemy behind-GuHai was always staring at him, his heart was unpredictable, ready to attack anytime, on the phone, his girlfriend continued to harass. At home, the clumsy father used hemorrhoids to treat his mouth heat, when he caught a cold, he did not carefully take overdue medicine in the house. In addition, Bai LouYin did not know at this time that the injustice of GuHai had sneaked him into sleeping pills, causing him to faint.

Episode 5: Friendship
The two of them, because they had gone through so many things and turned enemies into friends, Bai LouYin sorrowfully went and drank sorrow and was followed by GuHai. Bai LouYin was drunk and did not know anything, and was taken by GuHai. Arriving home, GuHai soon saw father Bai waiting inside the door … Talking about the home of GuHai, when his father mentioned his desire to bring his stepmother and stepchild with him, GuHai worked. Make a fuss, say “If they stay in this house, I won’t live there”. His father got angry, cutting down GuHai’s living expenses.

Episode 6: Guai and his girlfriend
GuHai started to infiltrate Bai LouYin’s family, fearing that Bai LouYin hated rich people, GuHai turned himself into a poor person, sold all his expensive items, bought old furniture and moved house. near the house of Bai LouYin. GuHai always had to worry about Bai LouYin discovering his true origin. At that moment, his girlfriend, LuLu came to school, tried to go to GuHai’s school, and immediately got jealous, beat a female student secretly in love with him.

Episode 7: Family disorder
After his girlfriend left, GuHai went to sleep at Bai LouYin’s house every night. They rode on a bicycle to go to school, sharing a candy chain together. GuHai was afraid that Youqi disturbed Bai LouYin, so he threatened him, he rode his bicycle behind him, joking and hugging Bai LouYin tightly. GuHai’s father now came to Bai LouYin’s house, hoping that Bai LouYin could agree to move to live with him and his mother, but was rejected by Bai LouYin. At this moment of peace and comfort, Bai LouYin and GuHai knew nothing. Soon after, mother of LouYin – stepmother GuHai also came to GuHai to express her aspirations.

Episode 8: GuHai is staying at Bai LouYin’s house again
GuHai and Bai LouYin remained in the same room, sleeping in the same bed. The position of Bai LouYin was not sleeping well, GuHai was still on the bed flipping over and over to adjust for him. Bai LouYin woke up early in the morning to find himself lying in the heart of GuHai, angry to try to fight GuHai but he could not help. On the basketball court, GuHai and Bai LouYin were equally powerful, YouQi jokingly and handsomely jumped into harassment, trying to get kicked by GuHai. Bai LouYin at the basketball court was injured by the person who was hit, the stall of Aunty Chu’s stall was beaten, all of which were defended by GuHai. Every night in bed, GuHai harassed Bai LouYin and asked him to follow him to play happily (his son’s game), making Bai LouYin shy.

Episode 9: The second time LuLu comes
Bai LouYin helped GuHai move the house. At that time, LuLu came, because GuHai didn’t pick up the phone in anger and took the cell phone Bai LouYin recently repaired and threw it on the ground, causing GuHai to be very angry.. Bai LouYin advised GuHai to find LuLu. The three people have a peaceful relationship, eating rice together. Kim Lo Lo said that Gu Hai was more concerned about Bai LouYin, so a dispute arises, and in the end LuLu left heartbreaking to leave. Bai LouYin later bought GuHai a new mobile phone. GuHai surreptitiously used relations, looking for a job that could be better suited for LouYin’s father.

Episode 10: Know each other as brothers
LouYin’s father was promoted and immediately bought an extra bed for GuHai. Bai LouYin supposedly had two people to split up and sleep, but unexpectedly GuHai was so mischievous that he brought the two beds together. LuLu and another man rented a room, discovered by YouQi, telling Bai LouYin. GuHai followed LuLu and captured the battle time. Then they broke up. The shop of Aunty Chu opened, Bai LouYin and GuHai came to support, no know that LouYin’s mother came, the truth that Bai LouYin’s mother married her father, who had been exposed. Relations two people fall into a deadlock.

Episode 11: GuHai confesses, the brothers reconcile
Bai LouYin and GuHai alternated absences from school. GuHai news had to be expelled from school and spread to Bai LouYin. The teacher asked Bai LouYin to bring the things of GuHai back. Bai LouYin met with GuHai, who was massaging. After Bai LouYin came home, talking with his father all night, Bai LouYin’s father understood the truth. He requested LouYin within 3 days to invite GuHai to come home. Bai LouYin went to look for GuHai, on the way he was abducted. Then discovering that the person who wanted to kidnap him was GuHai, Bai LouYin was extremely angry. When he arrived, he was forced to kiss by GuHai and then said vulgar words in front of him. Bai LouYin said this time he came here to make peace. After learning that, GuHai untied Bai LouYin, the two men gradually calmed down. GuHai expressed his heart but Bai LouYin did not respond. The two of them happily, together with Co Uy Dinh and Khuong Vien, went out to eat. However, when it came to staying, Bai LouYin did not agree.

Episode 12: YinZi falls illness, TaHai does not leave
After the peaceful relationship, GuHai returned to Bai LouYin’s house, and also gave gifts to Bai LouYin family members. Bai LouYin also changed his attitude to GuHai. At the school having a health examination, Bai LouYin was informed by YouQi : during the health examination, he will have to take off his pants (reproductive health examination). In order not to be seen by GuHai, Bai LouYin purposely told the deputy to arrange two people in two different teams, but during the inspection, they had to check at the same time . After the physical examination, the deputy told Bai LouYin that he might have been infected with hepatitis, this news caused Bai LouYin to collapse, so he did not allow GuHai to approach him. But GuHai used his way to the side of Bai LouYin, giving Bai LouYin great comfort. At the appropriate time, the vice class leader informed Bai LouYin that he was not sick at all, then the deputy was beaten up by GuHai. He wanted to invite Bai LouYin over the weekend to visit his house in Tianjin, but Bai LouYin – because GuHai wanted him to go shopping – so he refused.

Episode 13: GuHai is jealous
YangMeng of LouYin felt that YouQi did not know whether he was following him accidentally or on purpose, so he asked Bai LouYin to help him to go home together. Gu Hai was enraged, prevented him from approaching Bai LouYin, so LouYin didn’t let GuHai step insie his house. In the evening, Bai LouYin could not help to let GuHai outside being cold, so called him go inside. The two of them in the room had opened their heart, Bai LouYin also spoke honestly to GuHai. On the second day, YangMeng came to Bai LouYin’s house and invited to go to school together, he found GuHai and Bai LouYin’s in bed. On the other hand, LouYin’s father has also become increasingly attached to Aunt Chu (a good neighbor, a devoted woman, who has been supporting his father and son for many years). Bai LouYin advised, finally, the two men got married, that wedding was full of friends and friends, Bai LouYin was drunk.

Episode 14: Officially in love
Bai LouYin got drunk, and was carried by the GuHai back home. Along the way, Bai LouYin did not stop crying and whimpering, at the request of Bai LouYin, the two men went to the rooftop. Bai LouYin snuggled inside the crying person (because he thought he had “lost” a “clumsy” father who always cared and loved him). GuHai was at his side, warmly comforting Bai LouYin.
GuHai’s cousin, GuYang, returned to the country by the way, because when he was a kid, during a loud argument, GuHai always think he is wicked and is not a gentle person. GuYang caught up GuHai naked is coming out of the bathroom and call LouYin. He tried to let it go , stopped talking with complicated eyes because LouYin is also there. GuHai knew what GuYang think. The news of LouYin’s father remarried transmitted to LouYin’s mother. She did not doubt that Bai LouYin and GuHai loved each other. LouYin’s mother intended to let him go abroad to study, but he firmly disagreed. Because LouYin’s mother had the same room key, Bai LouYin and GuHai discussed the lock exchange to prevent them from being caught intimate.

Episode 15 (final episode): Christmas presents, ShiHui returns
On Christmas Day, GuHai got up very early, bought breakfast and returned, so that when Bai LouYin ate hot rice, GuHai ran very quickly back home, still on his forehead. Bai LouYin was very touched and offered a scarf to GuHai. The two finished their breakfast and came to school on time. Gu Hai received a gift from a female student, purposely turned towards Bai LouYin to expose the gift, then said that he wanted to give the gift back to the other girl. Bai LouYin did not say anything, but inside she felt like eating molasses. Christmas Eve, GuHai and Bai LouYin and friends met, everyone was eating and talking, the atmosphere was very happy. After the party ended, GuHai and Bai LouYin returned to the small warm house, Bai LouYin received a phone call from his ex-girlfriend ShiHui, crying softly, saying that she wanted to meet Bai LouYin. Bai LouYin stopped her bothering then lift GuHai got drunk back to bedroom. The next day, GuHai woke up, received another call from ShiHui, GuHai knew she was a ex-girlfriend of Bai LouYin, so he called himself boyfriend of Bai LouYin. Without waiting for ShiHui to react to that news, Gu Hai hung up the phone. Bai LouYin held back his cell phone, the second time he received ShiHui calling him, she said she still has feelings for LouYin and did not want to be back as a normal friend. But Bai LouYin now has no feelings for the opposite sex, so said he had someone else already. GuHai saw a couple watch od LouYin and ShiHui in the cupboard, so he decide to buy two pieces of jewelry, two belt divided equally for himself and Bai LouYin, and bought a car like just like himself to Bai LouYin. ShiHui from the beginning to the end still can’t forget the past with Bai LouYin, so she came back from abroad, appearing in Bai LouYin’s class. Bai LouYin was dozing off, awakened by YouQi, still drowsy, staring at ShiHui who appeared in front of him.

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