Road Movie 로드무비

Dae-shik lives on the street. He dreams to reach the top of the Himalayas. But now he lives dreamlessly in the streets every day. Nobody knows about his past, and he hates it when people ask about it. He tries his best to show a very tough expression on his face, but sometimes a sad shadow appears and disappears. One day, he discovers a drunk man fainting on the road and in pain. He just walked pass him, but he could never forget his face. He hates to love again, but his heart began to pound again.


Il-joo swallows a handful of pills and lives another day. She drank with strangers, danced with them, then slept with them. Thanks to some customers ordering unusual coffee from a beach, she can luckily see the sea today. But the sea keeps calling Il-joo to drown in its belly. She bids it’s call finally but a firm hand grabs Il-joo and pulls her out of the deep waters of the ocean. None other than one of the customers who ordered coffee, Dae-shik. She didn’t know why, but she felt that there was something for him, and was curious to know what kind of person he is.


Suk-won’s life was ruined when his stock bottomed out. When he wanders the streets, Dae-shik helps him get rid of depression. Suk-won doubts about his appearance, but he has no choice but to ask him for help. Dae-shik asks Suk-won to go on a road trip with him and he agrees. Being sick of Seoul and even hating it, Suk-won is somewhat excited to continue the journey without a destination. Dae-shik, Suk-won and Il-joo are on a journey to find freedom. When they meet new faces and places, they learn more about themselves and their feelings for each other. But this in turn, unearthing a more difficult obstacle for them to overcome. As they walk the path together, they face a difficult choice between their love for each other and their freedom.

Director: Kim In-Sik
Writer: Kim In-Sik
Release Date: October 18, 2002
Runtime: 114 Min.
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


Jung Hyung-Gi – Min-seok
Pang Eun-Jin – Jung-in
Kim Ki-Cheon – Jo-si
Lee Jae-Eung
Lee Jae-Gu
Park Kyeong-Hwan
Do Yong-Gu
Lee Hyun – factory employee
Han Ki-Joon
Kim Gwang-In – seacoast detective
Heo Gi-Ho


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