Present Perfect 2 | Present still Perfect: แค่นี้ก็ดีแล้ว

Following a painful breakup, Toey decides to heal his broken heart in Higashikawa town where he meets Oat, who is on his bachelor finale trip. From stranger to friends, romance spark off between the two. Before returning to the “real” world, they have to pick up their broken pieces and rebuild it. Join us for a heartwarming journey as we follow the simple pursuit of love.

Present Perfect. This is all good. The first and only Thai movie in the world funded by City councilor of Hishikawa Hokkaido, Japan

The story of the relationship between two Thai men in a quiet city. Both travel to keep the past in mind until they met each other.

“Present Prefect” is also received a nomination for the 27th Suphan Hong National Film Awards and guaranteed quality as one of the 7 best films at the LGBTQ Film Festival in Amsterdam. Netherlands

The film has also been nominated for screening at the world’s leading film festivals in more than 10 countries, making its debut at the 14th World Film Festival, creating a sensation by being the only film sold out of tickets within 2 hours. And also being screened at film festivals in many countries such as Croatia, South Korea, Romania, Malaysia, Philippines, etc. Most recently, it was honored to be screened at the Amori International LGBT Film Festival in Japan as well.

In Taiwan, the presenting of Perfect Perfect has the phenomenon of “Present Perfect Fever”. Received an overwhelming response and the tickets being sold out as well.

Emphasizing its success with over 8000 DVD sales, the filmmakers have released the movie for online streaming such as Amazon and Filmdoo to the top of the LGBT movie that most viewers click on in 2018

Because the filmmakers decided to put the movie on a platform like Youtube, resulting in viewership reaching 2000000 views in 2 months and demanding over ten thousand comments to watch the sequel of the movie. Present Perfect was translated into many languages ​​such as Vietnamese, Spanish, Japanese etc.

With the success of Present Perfect, Higashikawa City This movie filming location became a famous tourist destination in Hokkaido.

And in this year 2020 Present Perfect will come back to make an impression phenomenon again and this time you will “love” it more than any other time. Prepare yourself to be ready And found the definition of “Love” that will change your mind forever It will be more beautiful, it will be more beautiful and meet in the Present Perfect 2 : Present still perfect.

Keep on “dreaming” or wake up and accept the “truth”.
เลือกที่จะอยู่ใน “ความฝัน” หรือตื่นขึ้นมารับ “ความเป็นจริง”





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