The movie starts in Hong Kong. Haruta lets the audience know he spent 6 months in Shanghai and now 6 months in Hong Kong. As he walks down the street, a saleswoman points to a ring in her shop and says it’s to symbolize “Forever Love”. Haruta ends up buying it. He sets it on top of something for a moment, without realizing he set it on the back of someone’s scooter. The scooter speeds off, which sets Haruta on a chase that involves a kung-fu showdown in an alleyway, and running into an old man but saving his vase from falling off his bike (he drops his keychain with Tenkuu Real Estate on it and the man picks it up). He eventually gets it back.

He goes to his farewell party with his Hong Kong coworkers and then goes home after having some drinks. When he wakes up, there’s a random half-naked man in his bed. Not only that; he’s naked too! He starts to panic, and then Maki walks in. He says “Ni hao!” (this was an ad-lib from Kento) with a smile on his face, but then sees the man in the bed and the fact that Haruta just hurriedly put his undies on. Haruta throws himself at Maki and insists it isn’t what it looks like and he doesn’t know why the guy is there, but Maki pushes away like “Really.” and turns around and leaves. After, the guy gets up and says “Coffee or tea?” (in english) and Haruta returns it with “GO HOOOOOME!” (also in English.)

The movie starts in Hong Kong. Haruta lets the audience know he spent 6 months in Shanghai and now 6 months in Hong Kong. As he walks down the street, a saleswoman points to a ring in her shop and says it’s to symbolize “Forever Love”. Haruta ends up buying it. He sets it on top of something for a moment, without realizing he set it on the back of someone’s scooter. The scooter speeds off, which sets Haruta on a chase that involves a kung-fu showdown in an alleyway, and running into an old man but saving his vase from falling off his bike (he drops his keychain with Tenkuu Real Estate on it and the man picks it up). He eventually gets it back.

He goes to his farewell party with his Hong Kong coworkers and then goes home after having some drinks. When he wakes up, there’s a random half-naked man in his bed. Not only that; he’s naked too! He starts to panic, and then Maki walks in. He says “Ni hao!” (this was an ad-lib from Kento) with a smile on his face, but then sees the man in the bed and the fact that Haruta just hurriedly put his undies on. Haruta throws himself at Maki and insists it isn’t what it looks like and he doesn’t know why the guy is there, but Maki pushes away like “Really.” and turns around and leaves. After, the guy gets up and says “Coffee or tea?” (in english) and Haruta returns it with “GO HOOOOOME!” (also in English.)

Haruta goes back to Japan. As he gets off the bus, he runs into someone and his suitcase bursts open. The young boy helps him get his stuff into his suitcase and lastly hands him back his underwear, saying “Pretty!” (in english, also an adlib) Haruta’s like… “okay”. He goes back to the office and gets a big “welcome back” from everyone. Then Chief introduces the new co-worker, Yamada Justice. The same guy who Haruta just ran into!

Soon, he notices Maki isn’t around and asks where he is. Before he gets an answer, in walks a group of new strange people, led by new character Mamiana. (Akki I think says “Nani ana?”…ana means hole. so..LOL) He says he’s from HQ and they have started a new project Genius 7 that is collaborating with a resort company, and that they’ll need to use the office. Everyone  refuses. Then, Maki walks in and tells Mamiana that preparations are ready. The others tell Haruta that Maki returned to HQ only last week. Maimai says “You two are dating and you don’t know that?” Haruta tries to ask Maki what’s going on, but they get pulled apart by Mamiana.

At Wonderful, Haruta complains about Mamiana and how Maki is back at HQ. Chizu says she already knew about it because her and Maki talk. Chizu says “Maybe he didn’t tell you because you cheated on him.” Haruta insists he just helped the guy get home because he was on the street and it just looked bad. Chizu says it’s okay because couples have arguments all the time. Haruta jokingly says “Yeah you must know all about it huh, you and your bf.” Chizu says “What BF?” and then explains that they basically broke up because they had such differences and couldn’t see a future together.

Haruta gets home later that night and immediately clings to Maki at the table. Maki tells him he stinks of beer and helps him to sit at the table. Haruta asks why Maki never told him or confided in him about the move back to HQ. Maki says he was going to when he surprised him by coming to Hong Kong, but then the whole “man in the bed” thing happened so he never told him. Haruta once more tells him that it really wasn’t anything sexual. Maki seemingly accepts that, but then jokingly says “I’ll take away your food” and Haruta whines “I’ll eat itttt!”

The Genius 7 presentation happens. (Haruta pronounces it as geh-ni-oos but Takekawa corrects him) Their plan is to build a big resort on Tokyo Bay after the Olympics. Maki steps forward and talks about how his dream is to make a city with thousands of smiles. All of the sales office employees comment how hes in a different world from the rest of them. Chief says he was only at the sales office temporarily and was always planning on going back to HQ eventually. Takekawa asks Haruta if Maki ever told him about  this dream of his, to which he says no. The Genius 7 group ask for the sales office cooperation to help reclaim the land from the shopkeepers.

We see a scene of them all trying, but to no avail. They won’t give up their land and customer base so easily.

While riding on the bus, Justice and Haruta bond over the fact that they were both in the basketball club in high school and that they both think Mamiana is a dick. They arrive at an udon shop and ask the owner if they can reclaim the land. They get promptly yelled at, and Justice falls into Haruta’s arms . Later, Justice remarks that Haruta is like a big brother to him.

At HQ office, Maki is working alone while constantly getting texts from Haruta. Complaints about this project, asking when he’ll be home, telling him he’ll cook dinner tonight, etc. His karaage ends up black and burnt. When Maki gets home, it’s waiting for him on the table and the kitchen is a mess. Haruta is asleep on his tummy on the sofa, but wakes  up and greets him. Maki is grumpy. Haruta says he knows Maki is busy, but he should at least reply to his messages. If they’re going to get married, they need to have communication between them. they get into this whole talk where Maki’s like “Did you really mean it when you said you wanna get married?” and Haruta’s like “Did you think I was joking?” Haruta’s mom walks in out of nowhere and says her and her bf are gonna move back in. Haruta is about to tell her that him and Maki are dating, but Maki interrupts to say “That’s okay, I was gonna move back in with my parents since they live close to HQ anyway. Maki insists it’s fine, while Haruta says “No, it’s not!”. Nonetheless, Maki moves out a few days later.

Genius 7 and the sales office team have a meeting where Chief said the task they gave them is unrealistic and that the area has history and it’s disrespectful to tear it down. Mamiana just tells him “PLEASE HURRY UP” (english) right in his face and Chief responds “YES. I . DO” LOL. Pissed off from the meeting and on the phone, Chief slips and falls down the stairs.

Choko runs into the hospital, where she meets Haruta, Maro, and Takekawa. A nurse approaches and asks if they’re family. They all yell YES!. When they get into the room, Takekawa is being dramatic as fuck and asking if he’ll ever regain consciousness. The doctor tells him he’s just sleeping now. Nonetheless, Takekawa stays at the bedside and holds his hand.

At Wonderful, Haruta talks to  Chizu about he finds it weird that Maki didn’t even show up to the hospital and that no work could be that important. Chizu says it’s rude of him to say that and that jealousy is unnattractive. Maki walks into the bar and Haruta asks him if he’s busy and to not overwork. Maki says he’s fine and Chizu says she understands his hustle and that she’ll be a CEO by the time she’s 40. Teppei makes a comment about the important of dreams and how he wants to sell out the Budokan someday. Haruta looks around at Maki and Chizu bonding, and then MaiMai and Teppei being lovey.

As Maki and Haruta walk across the bridge, Maki points out a flyer for a fireworks event that Haruta said he wanted to take Maki to last year (this is a deleted scene i guess? the part where that happens) And says they should go to this one. Haruta asks if he’s busy but Maki says he’s free that day. Then he’s like “You forgot that you said you wanted to go, didn’t you?” but Haruta says “No, I didn’t forget!” They bicker back and forth until Maki grabs Haruta by the tie and smiles up at him. Haruta is expecting a kiss and even moves in with kissy lips, but instead Maki pulls a piece of burdock root out of Haruta’s hair and then tries to make him eat it. Eventually they part ways to go home. Haruta turns back to see Maki looking at him, and he smiles and waves again.

Chief returns to work, and has forgotten Haruta. It’s clear he immediately gets a crush on him again, silently hiding behind things and looking at him.

Haruta and Justice return to the udon shop with Chief, and try to smooth things over by helping the owner lift bags of udon flour. There, they see a picture of the owners wife and son, and Justice seems a bit down when he looks at it. Chief gets jealous when Justice is playful with Haruta and says he loves him. Haruta accidentally rips open a bag of flour and spills it all over himself

At HQ office, Maki is working late again. Mamiana says he should go home since he has someone waiting for him. Maki asks how he knew and he just says he heard it from someone. Maki also comments that he’s back at his parents house so he doesn’t need to worry about it. He says it’s difficult living with someone, and Mamiana agrees  that there is a difference between dating and becoming a family with someone. Maki says it’s hard when you’re finally doing the work you dreamed of but your partner doesn’t understand. Mamiana says “let’s go out somewhere.

Haruta and Justice are relaxing at the sauna after work. Haruta says he thinks there’s flour in his ears and Justice blows in one. Haruta asks Justice why he looked weird at the picture earlier, but he avoids it, says it’s getting hot in here, and leaves. Haruta is about to leave, but Chief walks in with his towel pulled up to his boobs. Him and Haruta sit down and Chief comments how it’s hard to confess someone. He asks Haruta how he should go about it. “Straightforward” he says, so Chief responds “Ok. I love you.” And then he calls him Harupon. Haruta freaks out at the new nickname and then immediately says “I have someone I’m in a serious relationship with.” Chief keeps trying to say “Justice?” but Haruta interrupts him with a “No.” every time.

The scene briefly cuts back to Choko and Takekawa talking about chief. Maro asks if Choko still has feelings for him but she says no and he hugs her. Meanwhile Takekawa is in his own world, insisting someone targetted Chief and pushed him and they have to pay for what they did.

Back at the sauna Chief is holding Harutas’s hands. He’s about to say his lover is Maki, when Maki himself walks right into the sauna and sees this spectacle. He gets livid and says “Oh, so you HAVEN’T given up, huh?” Haruta defends him by saying “He lost his memory!”, which Maki doesn’t seem to believe. Chief realizes and says “So YOU’RE his bf?” Maki says “Yeah, what about it?” Fighting and screaming insue, then Mamiana walks in. When asked why, he says “I’m here with my subordinate, having some naked manly time.” That gets Haruta fires up, and he yells as Maki “SO WHEN YOU SAY YOU’RE BUSY, THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE DOING?” Maki fires back “WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THIS, HUH?” Haruta turns around and leans against the sauna bench, and then Maki slaps him on BOTH ass cheeks. (great.) Chief starts to fight Maki, saying he’s acting suspicious, and he throws water at him with a ladle. it goes back and forth until Maki reaches for the water bucket to retaliate, but Haruta stops him. the water attacks continue and Mamiana gets hit in the process. Then it becomes Mamiana vs. Chief. Chief says “CAN YOU SAY 10 GOOD THINGS ABOUT YOUR SUBORDINATE? and Mamiana says “I could say 30-40! Can you say 10 bad things about YOURS?” Chief starts talking about Haruta’s feet stank (kusami) but then just keeps saying things that end in “mi”: his fav cut of meat is harami, his favorite actor is Saitou Takumi (Maki looked unimpressed), etc. Haruta ends up getting shoved right through the door and ending up in Justice’s arms. He squishes Harutas pecs and says how nice they are. He asks if “this is a Japanese naked manly party” and then pokes Haruta’s nipples, which makes Maki flip out. Chief cracks him over the head with a ladle and Haruta has to restrain Maki. Amongst the chaos, an announcment plays on the loud speaker, letting them know that the sauna is closing. It’s silent until Mamiana says “Well, that was a good meeting about our feelings. They all leave and Haruta looks upset.

Maki walks home and  suddenly passes out from exhaustion from work. We see Mamiana on the phone, but we aren’t told what the other side of the conversation is, only that it’s something unfortunate about the project.

Haruta is called to Maki’s house, where his dad tells him to break up with him. He tells Haruta Maki is in the hospital now, and then says “What, you don’t even know that?” He rushes the the hospital, only to see Mamiana helping him into a car.

Back at the office, the Tokyo Bay shopkeepers are fighting back and yelling at the sales office staff. In the Chief’s office, Takekawa comments that “There are fireworks tonight, huh?”

Maki’s mom meets with Haruta outside and apologizes for her husband’s behavior. She basically says it’s important for the two of them to search for the  meaning of marriage together.  (idk how to word this sorry) she then urges him to go to the fireworks.

Maki is waiting in the crowd in his yukata when Haruta sneaks up on him. At the same time, Choko and Maro are in a riverboat and Maro asks why she didn’t wear a yukata, disappointed. On the roof of the office, Takekawa and Chief watch the fireworks, as Takekawa says the one he loves always has his eyes on someone else.

Haruta and Maki walk through the festival, sharing candy apples and cotton candy. Haruta comments on how beautiful the fireworks are; though he looks at Maki. Then he takes his hand and they continue walking.

Choko and Maro get into a little spat where she insists she has no plans of getting married again. Maro takes this as meaning she ‘s still in love with Chief.

Maki and Haruta sit together in front of the river and watch fireworks, until Maki leaves to go to the toilet. Haruta pulls out the ring he bought in Hong Kong. As he does so, Maki is getting constant texts on his phone from Mamiana. Things like “Hey!” “What are you doing?” “I need to talk to you!” “I want to meet you tonight.” etc. Which Haruta mistakes as booty calls and the reasons for Maki’s recent distance. Maki returns and asks what Harutas looking at. Haruta says “Well, it kept ringing.” Maki goes to apologize but Haruta snaps that he should just go to Mamiana then. All he ever talks about now is job job job, dreams dreams, Mamiana. Maki looks confused and offended. Haruta says he saw him with him outside of the hospital the other day. He asks why he couldn’t have told him, why it couldn’t have been him to be there for him. This devolces into a big argument about how Maki’s changed, and then Haruta says they should break up. After silence, Maki agrees, thanks him for everything, and walks away.

Haruta doesn’t notice that Justice was just behind and saw everything as it happened. As he comes up beside Haruta, Haruta pretends that everything is fine. Justice tells him not to lie to him. He loves him as a person and as his sempai. Haruta gets annoyed and asks him why he’s telling him that now. In a moment of anger, he throws the ring box into the river. When Justice realizes what it was, he immediately wades into the water to find it.  Haruta tells him to stop but Justice just tells him to stop. He tells him he needs to tell people his true feelings. After Haruta asks whats come over him, Justice tells him that he lost his parents and brother in an accident 3 years ago. It was his brothers birthday, but he didn’t even say Happy Birthday before he died. His last words were “Shut up!”. He tells Haruta that the people you love may not be here tomorrow, so you need to let them know you love them. They begin to cry, and soon after, Haruta finds the ring box floating on the water. and picks it up. Looking up at the fireworks, he remarks “They aren’t beautiful at all.” The shot changes to Maki, who’s looking up at the fireworks alone and crying.

The next day Justice and Haruta see the udon shop owner, who says he has sold his shop. Haruta sees how upset the man is, and realizes this whole thing isn’t right. It was supposed to be a good thing. So, him and Justice rush to HQ to tell Mamiana how they feel. However, they go there only to find the CEO of Tenkuu yelling at Mamiana. He mentions a kidnapping and says it’s all Mamiana’s fault. Backing away from the room, Justice talks about how suspicious Mamiana is. Then MAMIANA JUMPSCARE, he’s right beside them. He tells Haruta to meet him at his hotel at 8 tonight.

He shows up and Mamiana is in his bathrobe, sipping brandy. Haruta gets confused and backs away as the man stands up and lights a candle. It ultimately ends with Haruta planking on the bed. Then Mamiana asks him why he showed up at the HQ earlier, dispelling his worries. Calming down, Haruta tells him that his plan was to make a city where everyone is smiling, but the whole project was causing nothing but grief. Haruta asks if he’s a criminal mastermind or something, which makes Mamiana smile. He says, how funny that you say that. We just found out that the resort group we’ve collaborated with is just a front for a drug gang. They’ve kidnapped the CEO’s daughter. It’s at this moment we realize what that phonecall Mamiana got was, why he was so urgently messaging Maki, etc. He tells Haruta that him and Maki are going to take care of it. Haruta begs Mamiana to let it be him instead of Maki, but he refuses. He tells him to mind his own business.

Well…Haruta goes to the resort headquarters. He immediately brings up the kidnapping and gets guns pulled on him twice. In the end, he gets thrown in the same abandoned locked building at the daughter. She gets Haruta to use his phone to try and describe where they are so they can find it. Mamiana and Maki find out about it and Maki rushes out of the building. then the phone gets disconnected. Then Haruta realizes theres a bomb in front of the daughter that’S set for 24 hours. THEN SHE CUTS ONE OF THE WIRES AND IT STOPS…THEN SUDDENLY IT SAYS THE TIMER IS NOW 10 MINUTES. they eventually pinpoint his location and everyone rushes there. Haruta briefly confides with the daughter in his he fucked things up with his partner. Eventually, the timer is down to 30 seconds. She gets up on Haruta’s shoulders and she throws the bomb but it explodes close enough to cause a big fire.

Justice eventually breaks through the  wall and rescues the daughter,  but then a beam falls down and traps Haruta inside. Chief and Maki fight for who will save Haruta, as they climb over obstacles and avoid fire. Sometime during the fight, Maki slips and Chief catches him. He pulls him back up and they eventually start to work together. They eventually find Haruta, unconscious, and fight over who gets to give him mouth to mouth. Eventually Maki gets Chief to escape so he can be safe, though he screams ILLLL BEEE BAAAAACK like hes the terminator or something. Haruta regains consciousness and Maki helps him up and walks through the building in search of an exit. On the way out, pillars/parts of the celing fall and Maki pushes Haruta out of the way so they instead pin his leg down. Haruta rushes to lift them and pulls Maki out, then gets him to get on his back.

Chief escapes, and Takekawa puts his shoe back on him, that he lost while running inside. The memory of Haruta putting his shoe on comes back, and he remembers everything.

Back inside, as Haruta piggybacks Maki, they realize the weight of their situation, and that they’re trapped inside. Haruta sets Maki down, and they lean on eachother, holding hands and disheveled. As they look at the fire around him, Haruta says “I wonder if this is what karaage feels like”
“Don’t you mean yakitori?”
“…You’re so trivial, Maki!”
“And you’re sloppy.”
“Is that bad?”
“…I didn’t say that.”

The atmosphere gets more serious as Haruta tells Maki he was serious about wanting to become a family with Maki, but he was also ignorant and didn’t think about what that meant. About how gay marriage legal still isn’t legal and such, about how hard it is, etc. (I started crying about here.) Maki apologizes for all the “I’m busy” excuses, how he was terrified their relationship was over for good this time. Also, he tells Haruta that him and Mamiana’s relationship had ALWAYS been business only.

(this next part is what had me BAWLING)
Haruta starts to cry as he tells Maki “Even when we fight, even when you don’t cook, even when we can’t wash our underwear together,  even if you don’t reply to my messages, even if you gain weight, even if you go bald, even if your farts are REALLY stinky, even if your teeth fall out and you need dentures,  even if you become senile, even if you forget how we met….even if you forget me, everyone, and yourself….even then…It has to be you, Maki. I can’t be with anyone but you.” By the endm they’re both bawling and holding each other. Maki squeezes him tight and says “I can’t be with anyone but you too, Haruta.” An explosion goes off in the side of the building. There’s silence as the other staff scream outside….then we see the explosion actually opened a way for them, and Maki and Haruta are walking out, covered in ashes.

The staff all hug eachother, and Chief calls Haruta Harutan, confirming that he remembers (and wont creep on im anymore). The resort company employees are arrested, and all’s well that ends well…the man at the very start with the vase returns to give Haruta back his keychain and saves the day? (this part was kinda confusing sorry.)

Ending stuff:
The udon shop owner is Mamiana’s dad. He reunites with him and goes to his place and orders something.

Maro asks Chief for Choko’s hand in marriage…LOL He asks Maro if he’ll be good to her. Maro says he will and Chief gives his blessing. Then, he asks Choko. After crying, she eventually says yes.

Mamiana tells Maki that he was picked to help out at a project in Singapore. He understands that he’ll have to think about it, cause Mamiana has a wife and FIVE KIDS. Maki is shocked to learn that. He takes out the ring and looks at it as he thinks about it.

A wedding starts….the doors open and it’s…JUSTICE AND CEO’S DAUGHTER??? He makes a whispered comment to Haruta about how he’s gonna take over the company…

During the wedding, Takekawa and Chief get to talking. Takekawa says “It’s fine if you like someone else.” He kabe dons him with his leg and tells him “Loving someone is more important for me than being loved.” Chief gently puts his hand on Chief’s knee (…jfjdsgdg)

the bouquet toss happens and Chief catches it.

The credits roll…….then, a scene starts of Maki and Haruta. Maki has a small suitcase with him.

Haruta tells him it’s okay to change and that he’ll keep working hard too while he’s gone. and he says “work hard too, from the other side of the world.”
Maki says “It’s not the other side of the world though.
Haruta: “you’re so trivial! Always so trivial!”
Maki: “I hope you achieve your dreams, Haruta.”
They smile at eachother and there’s a silence before Haruta says,
“I’ll see you later, Ryota.”
“Why’d you say that suddenly?”
“Try saying it”
“My first name.”
More shy silence and smiles.
“I’m gonna go now, Souichi.”
Haruta smiles. “Good job.”
Maki wraps his arms around Haruta, and Haruta cups his face as kiss eachother for a few good seconds. As they do so, we see engagement rings are on their fingers. After the kiss is broken (you can hear the sound of their lips parting. I DIED….), They embrace eachother for a long while. Haruta says “I’ll see you later” again as they part and go their seperate ways. They are seperate, but also closer than ever before now.





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