One Summer Night (어느 여름날 밤에)

In the winter of 2013, Yong-Joon (Kim Tae-Hoon) and Jae-Sung (Choi Jae-Sung) were North Korean soldiers. They are having sex at an outpost near the DMZ. A senior soldier caught them in action. Yong-Joon decides to flee to Korea, leaving Jae-Sung.

2 years later in Korea, Yong-Joon is dating Tae-Kyu (Shin Won-Ho), but he misses his North Korea. One day, Jae-Sung fled to Korea. Yong-Joon conflicts between ex-boyfriend Jae-Sung and current boyfriend Tae-Kyu.

Kim Tae-Hoon – Yong-Joon
Choi Jae-Sung – Jae-Sung
Shin Won-Ho – Tae-Kyu
Lee Tae-Rim – threatening man
Lee Sang-Woo – manager of employment placement agency
Kim Chang-Jo – restroom man


Movie: One Summer Night
Revised romanization: Eoneu Yeoreumnal Bame
Hangul: 어느 여름날 밤에
Director: Kim Hun
Writer: Kim Hun
Producer: Lee Sang-Woo
Cinematographer: Kim Hun
Release Date: April 6, 2017
Runtime: 97 min.
Genre: Drama / Gay
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

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