The Love, Simon spinoff series Love, Victor finally gives fans a sneak peek at the upcoming series. We have more than a month left until the last show comes out on Hulu, so it’s time for us to actually have a video to immerse ourselves in.



The first clip from Love, Victor introduces us to the main character of the show, Victor (Michael Cimino). In a short scene, we watch Victor interview at his local cafe, hoping to guarantee an after-school performance like a barista. However, there was one major drawback: Victor had to be interviewed by his classmate, Benji. Part of the interview process shows Victor watching Benji whipped up an espresso, which created an interesting turning point for Victor. Let’s say Benji turns coffee into ahem, high art and Victor absolutely loves it. Unfortunately, when Benji encouraged Victor to break it down, things didn’t go as planned.



If this first clip is any indication, viewers can expect Love, Victor will find it sweet, funny, and extremely understandable as the show explores the story of a person’s coming (and may be coming soon).



Love, Victor returned to the title in February when it switched from Disney + to Hulu. Although the show has a new home, the main idea of ​​the film as well as the cast remains the same. Love, Victor will apply a story similar to its characteristic length predecessor as we follow Victor through his sexual peaks and insights and find out if he will speak. with friends and family like. In addition to Michael, Love, Victor will introduce a new cast, including James Martinez, Ana Ortiz, Isabella Ferreira and Mateo Fernandez. Love, Simon leads Nick Robinson to return as a storyteller.




Love, Victor is about to stick with the Pride Month launch, coming to Hulu on June 19. Check out the interesting first look at the spinoff series below.




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