Korea will remake ‘ShangYin/Addicted”

Actor : Park Seung Joon and Lee Won Geun

In the beginning of 2016, Shangin/Addicted was on air and it immediately create a fever over the Asia about boy love movies. After the movie, the names of Huang JingYu and Xu WeiZhou also turned into two potential stars of Chinese entertainment.

About the main role. Park Seung Joon will play the role of GuHai and Lee Won Geun will play the role of Bai LouYin.



Park Seung Joon : 1993, , KNK band with good looks and admirable height is 189cm.

Maybe this band or name is also strange to the audience, but the boylove film itself is hard to choose a star has a reputation for participation.

Lee Won Geun : 1991, this face is quite familiar with the Korean movie. He used to be a main actor of an boy love movie name “In between season”

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