The saddest thing about Charliebebs Gohetia’s I Love You. Thank You. is that in its effort to weave into its exploration of the wandering lives of twenty-something expatriate Filipino gay men a more pronounced and somewhat conventional romantic slant, it reduces itself into just another sad love story to the detriment of its more interesting elements.

Paul (Joross Gamboa), a Filipino based in Bangkok, has been secretly in love with Red (Prince Stefan), the boyfriend of his childhood friend Ivan (CJ Reyes).

Unable to open up to Red and still uncertain as to what he wants to do in life, he travels alone to Siem Reap where he meets Tang (Ae Pattawan), a Thai writer. While Paul and Tang are opening up to the possibility of romance in Cambodia, Red and Ivan’s relationship start showing signs of strain.

There is a certain cleverness in the way Gohetia sets up his characters’ places in each other’s lives. He establishes them as tenuous creatures, moving in and out of each other’s consciousness without direction and reason.

I Love You. Thank You. is somewhat engaging in that sense. It romanticizes drifters, turning the misery of their aimless search for meaning into something that could probably be profound if conceived and executed properly.



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