Fujimi Block No. 2 Orchestra – Cold Front Conductor

The movie is about an orchestra in Fujimi block, they don’t have front conductor and just play as their interest. However, one day, a front conductor who is a genius want to direct them, he is Tounoin Kei, an arrogant, cold-blood man. Morimura Yuuki is the concert master of the orchestra, he feels very annoying about the attitude of the new front-conductor. Kawashima Natsuko plays flute is the orchestra and she is the one Yuuki loves, she is in love with Tounoin Kei, which makes Yuuki despress. However, Tounoin Kei is actually a gay and the one he loves is Yuuki. The story is a mess of triangle love.


The cast:

Takasaki Shouta as Morimura Yuuki
Arai Yuusuke as Tounoin Kei
Baba Ryoma as policeman
Sayuri Iwata as Kawashima Natsuko

– Takasaki Shouta as Morimura Yuuki

– Arai Yuusuke as Tounoin Kei

Both of 2 actors are the new guys in this genres, and they are best friend in real life so it’s not hard to understand why their acting is clumsy in here. I feel a little unfair for them when they are being compare with the “Golden Couple” Dai-Mao (from Takumi-kun) just because they have the same director and Fujimi is the BL series after the ending of Super Famous Takumi-kun Series. First, this is their 1st time to do this, they tried so hard and they will do much better. I remembered that people used to judge Hamao Kyosuke and Watanabe Daisuke when Tomo-Kato were being replaced by them in Takumi-kun series, but everybody know that Dai-Mao is surpass the old couple of Takumi-kun (even though Tomo-Kato is super cute). Hamao 1st acting in Takumi-kun 2 is akward too, but then he did better and became great, so why don’t you give Shouta-Yusuke a chance? Seriously, the rape scene is so hard to do, it’s bad but it’s their 1st time, so what’s wrong if they do bad? I just hope that the producer won’t replace them because i want to see the improvement of 2 guys in Fujimi.


One detail about this movie which makes me confuse is the rape scene. Eventhough in the manga, Kei raped Yuuki but that’s just he thought Yuuki was gay, but in here, Kei said he did not mena to do it, but he took Yuuki to his home, and seems quite awake at that moment right? And he plays Wagner to not hear Yuuki’s scream o.O I was feel sorry for Yuuki and hate Kei =.= (Kei said sorry in the next morning and even called Natsuko eventhough he knew that Yuuki loves Natsuko =.= and Kei is smart so i think Kei is kind of cunning). The 1st watching is not enjoyable (because of the akward rape part), but that’s the only wierd part, others scenes are fine and enjoyable. The plot make sense and not boring ( in contrast, Takumi-kun is kind of unrealistic, too many hot guys love each other as if there is no girls in the Earth, too many romantics which don’t exist in real life, the Plot is kind of boring with the situation that i can’t understand). The enjoyable point of Fujimi is the struggle of Yuuki, he loves a girl but a hot guy deeply loves him, that’s somehow more realistic. The plot makes sense and not boring like many BL movies that i watched. The ending is good enough and spoil enough. I guess the BL adaption is being hated because of the chemistry between 2 guys are not well (most of BL fans don’t pay much attention about the plot, they love the bed scenes, the acting and the love between 2 guys). This is the disadvantage of Fujimi Block No 2 Orchestra. However, i’m still craving more, i want to see more about their relationship, a girl in the love triangle but she is not the leading female is kind of interesting too. The camera is dark and make them look uglier in real life =.= (so like Takumi-kun). Compare to many cheap BL movies, boring situations and unrealistic, i think Fujimi Block No. 2 Orchestra Series needs to have more oportunity grow because it’s enjoyable and can have a great potential of an interesting series. I don’t think this series can surpass Takumi-kun because eventhough i watch many BL movies (not many as other fan girls but enough to watch famous BL), i don’t find any couple like Dai-Mao and i don’t need Arai-Shouta surpass them, i want to see the relaxation and interesting reactions in this BL movie


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