Faraway Wanderers (Tianya Ke 天涯客)

“Faraway Wanderers” – Chinese Drama

Synopsis: The storyline in the novel revolves around “Zhou Zhishu”. He is the leader of the emperor’s special organization, “Skylight”. After going through three years of bloodshed, he leaves the organization and roams through the mountains of jianghu to lead a calm and leisure life.However, with virtuous intentions in mind, he gets entangled in a jianghu war where he meets “Wen Kexing”, a master of the valley and has a liking for “pretty people”. Wen Kexing follows Zhou Zhishu closely and the two eventually come together while on their journey through jianghu.

Zhang Zhehan plays “Zhou Zhishu” and Gong Jun plays “Wen Kexing”.

The series adaptation was announced today, June 3 2020. The series will be based on the novel “Tianya Ke / Faraway Wanderers” written by the popular BL novelist, “priest”, which is also the author of “Guardian”.

More details to be revealed soon.

Source : All About CH I TW BL


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