CEO and His Man (霸道总裁和他的男人)



Xiao Mau falls in love with Wu Si Cong the minute he meets him at a friends birthday party. He does everything he can to try to win Wu Si Cong over, only problem is that Wu Si Cong is a married man.


STORY: The details cover it well. The story-telling is fast-paced, uneven, and disjointed. If it had a proper movie length, maybe they could have done a whole lot more. There are some cute moments, lots of moments with no dialog, an in-movie summary just before the end which, according to the length of this video, was silly; seriously, we just watched those scenes a few minutes ago and now you’re wasting precious screen time showing us them again?


ACTING/CAST: They’re cute guys. That’s about all this movie has going for it.

Other name : The Same Kind of Love , Ba Dao Zong Cai He Ta De Nan Ren



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